Sheffield Credit Union launches film sharing members’ positive experience

A local film producer teamed up with the credit union on the project, which tells how members have borrowed, saved and budgeted

A new clip launched by Sheffield Credit Union tells the stories of members who have benefited from its services. The credit union, which serves people in South Yorkshire, asked its members how they were borrowing, saving and budgeting.

Five of these testimonies were featured in a film using professional actors, with members’ permission.

Sheffield Credit Union worked on the clip with local film producer Hugh Mann-Adamson of Let There Be Light Productions. The members whose testimonies were featured received a £20 reward into their savings accounts as a thank-you.

Chief executive Jackie Hallewell said: “We decided to ask our members what they liked about their credit union experience, and were delighted with the responses. Some show the journey made by members from crisis to control, and others show how varied credit union membership can be according to the needs and requirements of the individual member.

“We are proud that we can offer this individualised service, and feel that understanding what our members value can help to shape our offering to them. We decided to share this on social media, our website, on canvas prints in the office, and to ask local filmmakers to produce a film from some of the member testimonials. It’s important to share the good news about credit unions so that more people understand the excellent work that we do.”

The promotional video was unveiled at the credit union’s AGM in March. Set up in 2004 after the merger of smaller credit unions in the city, Sheffield Credit Union has grown to include 7,000 active members and 20 employees, with a similar number of volunteers. The credit union is owned by its members, who need to have £1 or more into their savings account.