Plane Saver Credit Union partners with Vivup to offer benefits to staff and members

‘We are supporting our members and employees with a full range of health and wellbeing benefits which is core to our values of decency, dignity and inclusivity’

Plane Saver Credit Union has announced its newest collaboration with employee benefits company, Vivup Benefits which aims to alleviate the financial strain on members.

The credit union, which serves 26,000 members working in the aviation industry, says partnership is a “groundbreaking move” as it states it is the first credit union in England to introduce such an extensive range of lifestyle benefits for its members, as well as its 36 staff.

Through the collaboration, it is introducing a range of initiatives to members that cover all wellness pillars – social, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial. Benefits include exclusive discounts on everyday expenses to online GPs and counselling sessions which is designed to alleviate the burden of the cost of living and empower members’ wellbeing.

The partnership offers more than 1,150 ways to save money at popular retailers through discounted eGift cards, physical gift cards and discount codes.

Alongside savings on grocery shopping and lifestyle activities like going to the cinema, Vivup’s benefits platform provides the Your Care Wellbeing support and information service, and an online GP focusing on proactive wellbeing and preventative services.

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Plane Saver members and employees can access expert advice any time of the day for issues ranging from debt advice, menopause, smoking cessation, domestic abuse to getting support with trauma, bullying or sleep.

They will receive:

  • Immediate access to employed counsellors should they need it
  • Access to secondary mental health support with clinicians at highest level of clinical accreditation (APPTS)
  • Early intervention, self-service and proactive wellness platform which includes assessments, recommendations and signposting to suitable treatment
  • Award-winning dedicated menopause support.

“Everyone in the UK is dealing with the rise in living costs,” said Rachel Downing, head of marketing and business development at Plane Saver. “Being able to provide our members with benefits that save them an average of over £2,000 per year is over £160 a month back in their pocket that’s going to make a huge difference for them and their families. On top of this, with Vivup, we are supporting our members and employees with a full range of health and wellbeing benefits which is core to our values of decency, dignity and inclusivity.”

Simon Moyle, CEO of Vivup, added: “This is such a groundbreaking initiative. Plane Saver is a financial institution that helps its members to think, plan and save. They’re now supporting their employees and thousands of members with their overall health and wellbeing. Normally, Vivup is in the business of helping engage employees, yet with this launch, we’re helping one of the largest credit unions in the UK to support health and wellbeing of members and employees.”