Minnesota credit union awards education scholarships to 16 members

The TopLine Credit Union Foundation says the programme fits its mission of ‘working within the community to build a better tomorrow’

Minnesota’s TopLine Credit Union Foundation has awarded $10,000 in scholarship money to 16 members who are continuing their education.

The US credit union, based in Minneapolis and St Paul, has made four awards worth $1,000 and 12 worth $500 after going through 141 applications.

The process was open to anyone planning to pursue post-secondary education at an institution accredited by the Department of Education. Applicants were asked to complete a one-page application form and submit a 500-word essay answering the question: “You selected TopLine as your financial partner; discuss how your credit union can continue to help you along your financial journey.”

“We are thrilled to be able to assist 16 TopLine members with the costs of higher education,” said the foundation’s president Vicki Roscoe Erickson.

“The essays provided valuable insights on how TopLine has and can continue to help our members through their education journey and preparing for their futures, from opening their first savings and checking account to financing a car, providing budget assistance, offering reliable mobile and remote access services, educating on student loan savings and funding options and just being there as a trusted financial partner when needed.

“We are here to help our members successfully manage their personal finances today, tomorrow and for all the years to come.”

Answers to the essay question included: “There isn’t anything that I couldn’t get from a larger financial institution, and I find that rewarding. So by continuing to offer great financial products to fit various life stages would help me along my financial journey. I like to think of my credit union as a one-stop shop.  I know you and you know me.”

Another said: “Banking at TopLine makes me feel safe and secure because I know that they have all aspects of life covered through my financial journey.”

TopLine Credit Union Foundation, guided by its mission of “working with the community to build a better tomorrow,” says it will continue to support the cooperative spirit of “people helping people” by living the mantra — to care, connect and contribute to the communities they serve.