Midcounties joint venture with Octopus backs its 200th community energy project

Younity’s deal with Dorset Community Energy will support rooftop solar on schools, along with education programmes for primary-age pupils

Younity, the joint venture created between Midcounties Co-op and Octopus Energy to support community energy, has announced its 200th power purchase agreement (PPA) with a local renewable group.

This year Younity has signed 32 new agreements and contracted 132 PPA renewals, with the total portfolio including 136 solar sites, 22 wind and 42 hydro, stretching from Scotland to Cornwall.

Younity says each PPA ensures community energy groups get a fair price for the energy they generate and helps secure their long-term future. The energy generated from the schemes supported by Younity is enough to power nearly 60,000 households.

The 200th agreement is with Dorset Community Energy, which has developed 24 solar installations on schools, community buildings and hospitals across the county. Dorset Community Energy delivers a wide-ranging educational programme including fun solar energy experiments aimed at getting primary school children engaged in renewable energy and providing practical support to teachers with solar energy educational packs and information.

Geoff Joy from Dorset Community Energy said: “We’re so proud to be part of the Younity community energy network. Investing in local energy has changed the lives of people in this community and the expertise and support provided by Younity has been essential in helping us to develop and grow our work. We’re thrilled to be Younity’s 200th community energy partner and look forward to many more groups becoming part of this network in the years to come.”

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Younity is a joint venture between Octopus Energy and the Midcounties Co-operative, and focuses on supporting community power schemes that make a positive contribution to reducing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels and support the development of local communities. Younity is working closely with Co-operatives UK and groups such as Energy4All to support the development of more community energy co-operatives in the UK and has distributed £34,500 to help community energy groups and organisations this year.

Peter Westall, chief valuesofficer at Midcounties, said: “We’ve been championing community energy for many years, but with the climate crisis becoming ever more immediate and the volatility of the energy markets affecting all of us, we’re committed to going further. Younity’s 200th PPA is an important milestone for community energy in this country, but we’ll continue to work in co-operation with others to ensure that there is plenty more to come.”

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, said: “When Younity was founded back in October 2019, the goal was to support this growing community energy movement so it earns its place at the heart of sustainable power. With its 200th PPA signed, Younity is well on its way to this goal. We can’t wait to help even more local communities create a more sustainable future for the UK and drive down energy bills.”