ICA hunts for a new director general as Bruno Roelants retires

The Alliance wants a candidate to help grow its membership, build partnerships and drive positive change

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) has begun the recruitment process for a new director general, replacing Bruno Roelants who is due to retire.

The ICA says it wants “an inspirational, forward-thinking leader who is passionate about the ability of the co-operative and mutual sectors of the global economy to create positive change for people in the quality of their daily lives”.

The successful candidate will succeed Bruno Roelants, who is retiring after five years in the role. Roelants also served the co-op movement for 16 years as secretary general of Cicopa, the International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives.

In its job specification, the ICA says candidates must have strategic vision to help the organisation seek opportunities for membership growth and new sources of funding, while maintaining focus on economic and cultural trends to ensure its continuing relevance.

The ICA is also looking for relationship-building and facilitation skills focused on forming long-term partnerships with international institutions such as United Nations agencies, the G20, and global development organisations.

And it requires “sensitivity to the cultural differences among ICA members that are central to reaching common ground on policy and related issues and a personal commitment to cultural inclusion”.

The closing date for applicants is 3 February 2023.

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