Edinburgh Community Solar Co-op to launch new share offer

The co-op wants to install PV on another six buildings

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative (ECSC) is to open its second share issue to support installations on six more public buildings.

The co-op – supported by Energy4All, the secondary co-op for the UK sector – wants to instal PV on the following buildings in the city:

  • Edinburgh Road Services – Bankhead Depot
  • Kirkliston Leisure Centre (Edinburgh Leisure)
  • Craiglockhart Leisure Centre (Edinburgh Leisure) 
  • Gracemount Leisure Centre (Edinburgh Leisure) 
  • Waverley Court 
  • Sighthill Recycling Centre 

It hopes to add more to the list later in the year with a further share offer.

Lesley Hinds, chair of ECSC, told the press: “ECSC is an ethical, community-based, social enterprise.  We came together with a plan to help reduce carbon emissions, address fuel poverty and make renewable energy more commonplace in our city.  

“We especially welcome smaller amounts, as we would like as many people to join ECSC as possible, which is why the minimum investment is as low as we can make it. 

“Parents and grandparents can also apply for shares in ECSC for their children and grandchildren or can apply for shares on their behalf and leave them in their will.”

Edinburgh residents have priority in the share offer. You can become a member of the co-op by purchasing shares from a minimum of £100.

The projected rate of return on the shares is 4.5% annual interest. 

Click here for more information and to register your interest.