Credit Union Awareness Initiative receives $1m funding boost

CUNA have now contributed a total of $3m to the programme since 2019

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Mutual Group has contributed a further US$1m to the Credit Union Awareness initiative, a digital advertising programme aimed at introducing more consumers to credit unions in the US.

The Credit Union Awareness initiative is currently operating in 27 states with the support of over 1,100 credit unions across the US. The digital programme is designed to dispel some consumers’ perceptions about credit unions, such as the perceived difficulty of joining credit unions and accessing money with them.

Since the initiative began in January 2019, American consumers’ consideration for credit unions as lenders has increased by eight points to 22%, with larger increases being seen in the states where the program has been running longer. 

“Credit Union Awareness is a long-term strategy designed to reach the next generation of members by transforming consumer perceptions of credit unions,” said Robert Trunzo, president and chief executive officer of CUNA Mutual Group. “We are pleased with the initial results and are proud to contribute once again to help drive this critical initiative forward.”

The funding from CUNA, who founded the initiative, is a continuation of support for the next phase of the programme. The $1m contribution takes CUNA’s total contribution to the program to $3m since it began.

Credit Union Awareness executive director Chris Lorence said: “CUNA Mutual Group’s continued and generous contributions lead the way for credit unions, credit union service organisations, and service providers across the country to support this critical effort of raising consumer consideration of credit unions.

“We are grateful that CUNA Mutual Group recognises the progress we have made for the industry and the importance of continuing the momentum into the next phase of the Credit Union Awareness initiative.”

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