Co-op brewery opens the first taproom in Northern Ireland after Crowdfund campaign

Boundary Brewing’s new community hub in Belfast offers a meeting place for local groups and range of beers, wines and spirits

And independent co-op brewery opened a taproom in east Belfast last week after a record-breaking Crowdfund campaign.

 Boundary Brewing‘s taproom, the first ever to open in Northern Ireland, follows 10 years of hard work by the co-op, which has grown to more than 2,000 members.

The taproom is next to the brewery site and serves serving beers from Boundary and other breweries, alongside wines, local spirits and food from neighbouring business Flout Pizza. Designed as a community hub, it offers a meeting place for clubs, groups and community organisations and more.

Its Facebook page says it offers “20 taps. Enormous fridges full of cans and Belgian beer. Awesome wine list. It’s beautiful, warm, comfortable and inviting.“

Boundary was officially launched eight years ago when a Crowdfunding drive raised £100,000 from over 400 members in just eight days. This was followed a few years later with another share offer that raised another £160,000 and brought in hundreds more member-owners.

At the launch of the second share offer, Boundary’s co-founder Matthew Dick said: “Opening a taproom has been our dream since before we brewed our first Boundary beer and we can’t believe that we’re now making that dream a reality.

“If you have fallen head over heels in love with Boundary, or just love beer, and have always wanted a permanent place to come to enjoy the freshest, most interesting beers in Belfast, then this is the place for you.“