Book to highlight how credit unions impact members’ lives

Stories from credit union members are being collected now

A new project called Communities for Caring aims to collect stories for a book about the people who have benefited from the help of credit unions worldwide.

Led by the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions and Martha Rozen, board chair of OneAZ Credit Union, the project aims to show the impact credit unions have on their members’ lives.

“Credit unions enrich the lives of individuals in their communities by providing services that enhance their financial well-being,” said Ms Rozen. “Behind each member, employee and partner is a story of how a credit union has made a difference for them. We want credit unions to share stories that illustrate how they have impacted the people they serve.”

Stories can be submitted online via the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions website or by emailing [email protected]. Using the website, those interested in sharing their experience can submit a story summary (50-100 words) and a full story (between 350-700 words), along with some images to support their narrative. The deadline for submissions is 1 May 2022.

The Serve and Protect Credit Union in Birmingham has already shared a story about Anthony, who has been a member since 2010. A former local police constable, he had to undergo a medical procedure ahead of a heart surgery abroad. Since his insurance did not cover the cost of the pre-surgery procedure, he applied for a loan from Serve and Protect in July 2020. The credit union was able to issue the loan he needed within 24 hours.

“The surgery was successful, and I am now leading a normal life and looking forward to Christmas. I am writing to thank you for your speedy help which, in part, saved my life. I will be eternally grateful to you,” Anthony wrote back to Serve and Protect Credit Union in December 2020.

“Recounting specific acts of caring and giving back to members like that are exactly what we’re looking for,” said Mark Reuter, executive director of the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions. “And small, noble acts of service are just as important as the large ones.”

The book, featuring stories from credit union members from around the world, will be available for purchase. The proceeds will be used to support the work of the foundation, which is the international development and charitable arm of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).