Belfast brewing co-op launches share offer to open its first taproom

Boundary Brewing Co-operative hopes to raise £150,000 and add to its membership

Northern Ireland’s Boundary Brewing Co-operative is planning to open the region’s first taproom, next door to its brewery.

The co-op, which has run dozens of pop-up taprooms and events and wants permanent venue, is offering membership shares in the venture, in a bid to raise £150,000 to fund the fitout costs; it has so far raised £53,000.

It says the facility will act as a community hub, with space social events such as book clubs, running clubs, finance classes and board game clubs, as well as serving beers from the Boundary brewery and elsewhere, alongside wines and “carefully curated local spirits”. Customers will also be able to enjoy pizza from neighbouring business Flout.

The co-op hopes to add to its 1,500 members with the share offer, expanding its ability to work with its community and local charities. It is planning to hire a community engagement officer once the taproom is up and running.

“If you have fallen head over heels in love with Boundary, or just love beer, and have always wanted a permanent place to come to enjoy the freshest, most interesting beers in Belfast, then this is your opportunity to make a difference,” it says.

“If you are a current member, and want to support us further, then this is a great opportunity. If you are not, and want to help open the first taproom in the country, then come along.”

All member, new and current, will continue to get 18% discount off Boundary beer from the co-op’s shop, and Yu will also now get 10% off all Boundary beer from all its venues.

Also, during this community share raise, they will receive 20% of their investment back as a gift voucher for Boundary beer in its venues; a £1,000 investment will bring a £200 gift voucher for its venues.

Minimum investment is £100. Those who invest £100 will be an ordinary member. Those who invest £250 or more will be a supporter member. The main difference between an ordinary and supporter member is that there are more supporter member seats on the board of directors.