Singapore’s co-op apex runs another round of emerging leaders training

The previous round of the SNCF scheme took participants through a range of activities over the course of several months

The Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF) is running another round of its Emerging Leaders Programme for co-operative employees between the ages of 30 and 50. 

In its first year, the programme kicked off with a three-day bootcamp in Bintan Island, Indonesia, in March. Activities continued between March and July with participants receiving training from lecturers from the Republic Polytechnic (RP) and Runninghour Co-operative. They also got involved in various group activities and workshops designed to boost their interpersonal, leadership and problem-solving skills.

“Rather than theoretical leadership concepts, we had the privilege of having RP lecturers to work with co-operatives to understand the real-world challenges they face,” said Alex Shieh, head of the Youth & Women department which manages the programme.

“Participants can share on their own personal or co-operative experience and work towards possible solutions at the same time. This makes learning and sharing more authentic and closer to our hearts,” he added.

Some sessions adopted a Problem Based Learning approach (photo credit: SNCF)

As part of the training, participants were also split into groups and asked to work on a project related to one of the Sustainable Development Goals. The groups will receive monthly consultations from the Republic Polytechnic lecturers and mentors from co-operatives. They will share their sustainability solutions with key leaders and stakeholders of the co-operative movement later this year.

SNCF will be holding its Annual Co-operative Leaders Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. There, they will share some of their findings to co-op leaders, network with the new board of EXCO members, and engage with Taiwanese co-op representatives.

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