Syrian agricultural co-ops receive 460,000 polypropylene sacks

Around 2,030 farmers will receive the sacks via their co-operatives

The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) has delivered 460,000 polypropylene sacks to nine agricultural co-ops in Syria to help them store and transport wheat.

Around 2,030 farmers will receive the sacks via their co-operatives.

The initiative is one of the projects carried out by SRTF to support the agricultural sector in Syria, as part of its €8.37m Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase IV programme.

The fourth phase of the programme focuses on delivering agricultue and technical support packages to farmers in the supported co-operatives. SRTF estimates that these initiatives will enable local farmers to cultivate 5,800 hectares.

A multi-donor trust fund initiated by the Group of Friends of the Syrian People, SRTF was established in 2013 to assist the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SOC).

The Group of Friends of the Syrian People is an international diplomatic collective of countries and bodies convening periodically on the topic of Syria outside the UN Security Council.

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