Worker co-ops launch new policy platform in New York

The platform recommends direct investment in the sector and the creation of community-controlled working spaces

New York’s worker co-ops have launched a new policy platform to highlight their priorities as the city prepares for a mayoral election later this year.

Driven by the belief that New York’s future is co-operative, the platform explores policies related to direct financial support, space and infrastructure, education and technical assistance, city procurement, as well as movements for racial, immigration and budget justice.

Suggested policies include investing directly into worker co-ops and the apexes that support them to enable the movement to grow; creating community-controlled and affordable retail, warehouse, office, and co-working spaces for worker co-ops of all scales; funding research and expanding access to worker co-op education and technical assistance; eliminating barriers to sustainable city procurement opportunities for worker co-op; and supporting policies for racial and immigrant justice.

Owned and operated by the workers, New York’s worker co-ops operate across various industries and represent many nationalities, cultures and gender identities.

The platform was launched at a virtual event on 23 March, which was attended by mayoral candidates, city council candidates and other candidates for various city offices. 

The event was hosted by the NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives, a member-led organisation representing over 50 worker co-ops and 2,000 co-operators across New York.

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