Central England Co-op eases lockdown purchase restrictions

'By co-operating we can get through this uncertain time together'

Central England Co-op has today (April 17) relaxed the majority of restrictions on products in its stores.

The retailer, which has over 240 stores across 16 counties, says nearly all products will no longer be restricted to a maximum of two per customer.

It paid tribute to “the hard work of its colleagues and suppliers as well as customers and members only buying what they need” for making this possible.

However, some items continue to be restricted for the time being.

  • Baby milk
  • Hand wash
  • Household cleaning products
  • Tinned vegetables, fish and meat
  • Pasta
  • Flour
  • Eggs

Certain stores may also put in place further restrictions if they see stock levels falling and demand rising, the society adds.

Customers and members are being asked to only buy what they need to ensure there is enough for everyone.

CEO Debbie Robinson said: “Thanks to the work of our colleagues and suppliers and support from our communities, we are pleased to be able to lift the majority of restrictions we have in place on products in our stores.

“We hope this will allow customers and members to fulfill their shopping needs, which may include multiple shops for others, in as few visits as possible, while maintaining availability for everyone.

“If our communities only buy what they need then there will be enough for all and restrictions will not have to return – by co-operating we can get through this uncertain time together.”

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