US farming co-op launches landmark sustainability programme

‘We are helping to protect farmer livelihoods and supporting their work to protect natural resources’

Land O’Lakes Sustain – the sustainable solutions arm of one of America’s largest farming co-ops – has partnered with global food producer Tate & Lyle in a landmark initiative to bolster the sustainability of 1.5 million acres of US-grown corn.

The programme will use the Truterra Insights Engine – technology from Land O’Lakes Sustain – to help midwestern American corn farmers measure their efforts to protect the environment. It will enable them to make data-informed decisions about their farms, with acre-by-acre insights that will drive environmental improvements.

Under the programme, participating corn farmers will receive customised support to help make measurable improvements in greenhouse gas emission reduction, nitrogen efficiency, water and wind erosion and soil quality. 

Tate & Lyle is the first corn wet-milling ingredient supplier to launch a sustainable agriculture programme of this kind. The company aims to enable more sustainable farming practices, support its customers’ environmental initiatives and impact reporting, and increase transparency throughout the food and beverage industry. 

As part of the programme, Tate & Lyle will use the technology to access information on the enrolled acreage and have greater visibility of the improvements it is helping to drive in air and water quality and soil health, providing a more transparent value chain for its customers.

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Nick Hampton, Tate & Lyle CEO, said: “Corn is our main raw material and we are proud to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of US farmers. Through this unique programme, we are helping to protect farmer livelihoods and supporting their work to protect natural resources by encouraging sustainable agriculture best practices.”

Beth Ford, president and CEO of Land O’Lakes, Inc, said: “As a farmer-owned co-operative, Land O’Lakes knows stewardship starts at the farm gate, with the farmer. The Truterra Insights Engine is changing the game for sustainability led by farmers and their retailers. It’s equipping them with new solutions that help protect the air, soil and water, and benchmark their progress in a way that’s meaningful.”

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