Members help to shape 170 Co-op branded products and services

Around 90% of those taking part thought joining in helped them make the most of their membership

More than 110,000 Co-op Group members have helped to design over 170 products and services over the past two years.

According to feedback received by the group, 90% of those taking part thought joining in helped them make the most of their membership.

Members got involved in a number of taster sessions to help shape Co-op branded products. They chose the grape variety and the name of the Pioneer Pinot Grigio Co-op wine, which has received a number of awards, including Silver in the Global Pinot Grigio Masters. So far, the retailer sold 118,000 bottles of the new wine.

The Co-op Irresistible Gin also had input from members, who selected the blend that that they wanted to go into production. Around 83,000 bottles have been sold since the launch of the gin in November.

Members helped to design the label of the Covanegra wine (Photo: The Co-op Group)

Members also contributed to the retailer’s marketing efforts by joining in to write the blurb that appears on the labels of the Co-op branded new beers and helping to rethink the label design of the Covanegra wine.

The insurance business benefited from members’ input in developing a new holiday insurance policy whole Co-op Electrical had members test driving some of the products available on its website.

The Co-op Group is planning to get more members involved in the process of designing products and services. In October, members who signed up for a tasting session will be voting on its next Irresistible Pizza.

Writing on the Co-op’s blog, Mark Robinson-Field, member participation lead at Co-op Digital, said: “We strongly believe that by helping members get involved in their Co-op we unlock value for them and for the business.”

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