Why the Co-op Group is running a store in a mock-up town

The DangerPoint centre has interactive activities so children can learn to spot dangers in their neighbourhoods

The Co-op Group has just given a £30,000 makeover to its mock-up store at the North Wales DangerPoint safety centre.

Visitors to the centre get explore a mock town – much like a film set – filled with interactive activities designed to help children spot dangers in their homes and communities. It also allow them to learn valuable life skills.

The Co-op store offers lessons for young people about the consequences of peer pressure, bullying and shoplifting, as well as teaching them about the benefits of budgeting and making healthy eating choices.

The Group – which last year created a similar mock store at the Hazard Alley safety centre in Milton Keynes – devoted 150 volunteer hours to the revamp and enlisted the help of its contractor partners.

A spokesperson said: “We’re delighted our Co-op has been able to support DangerPoint. After all, investing to connect communities and make a difference to local life is at the heart of all that we do.”

DangerPoint is one of 4,000 local causes around the UK to receive support from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

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