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Q&As for 2022: Agnès Mathis, director, Co-operatives Europe

'We are hopeful that the growing interest in enterprises linking economy and sustainability will be translated…

EU reveals new action plan to boost the social economy

The plan was welcomed by Social Economy Europe and Cooperatives Europe

Cooperatives Europe welcomes new board and president

Cooperatives Europe represents 84 member organisations from 33 European countries across all business sectors

Cooperatives Europe endorses report on education for environmental sustainability

The apex says co-operatives have a role to play in environmental sustainability education

EU international development budget recognises co-ops

Cooperatives Europe welcomed the recognition of co-ops as development actors contributing to sustainable development

Cooperatives Europe highlights policy priorities for EU’s social economy plan

Cooperatives Europe provided input into the European Commission’s roadmap towards the action plan

Cooperatives Europe launches open source knowledge base on co-ops

Coopedia acts as a collaborative search engine that lists resources on co-operative entrepreneurship

Cooperatives Europe survey reveals how co-ops coped with Covid-19

Cooperatives Europe includes 86-member organisations from 34 European countries across all business sectors

Cooperatives Europe launches collaborative learning toolkit

The toolkit is part of Cooperatives Europe’s Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation (SCC) project

EU leaders agree on the post-Covid €750bn recovery deal

Cooperatives Europe welcomed the deal but said it regretted some cuts in EU programmes and policies…

Cooperatives Europe welcomes European Commission’s Covid-19 recovery plan

The package will direct €750bn in grants and loans to help businesses recover and drive digitisation…

European Parliament renews Social Economy Intergroup

Sector body Cooperatives Europe welcomed the decision