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European blueberry co-op brings together Dutch and German growers

'It was a long-cherished wish to group ourselves and to take care of our own sales'

Green light for Swiss Coop takeover of German drinks company

The European Commission says it does not raise competition concerns

New documentary tells the story of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

The 45 minute documentary pays tribute to the founder of co-operative banking

Citizen’s wind projects favoured in Germany’s drive for renewable energy

Regulators have run a competitive awards system to grant licences to generate more than 1GW

B20 final recommendations highlight co-ops’ potential in employment, SMEs growth and education

The B20's final set of policy recommendations to the G20 includes mentions of how the co-op…

Europe, renewables and the future of community energy

In its recently released Clean Energy Package, the European Commission finally acknowledged that energy communities –…

Book review: How Germany’s energy revolution solves more than just climate change

The first chapter of Energy Democracy is titled ‘Energiewende: The Solution to More Problems than Climate…

How should co-operative banks deal with the negative rates dilemma?

A small German co-operative bank, Raiffeisenbank Gmund, has introduced a negative interest rate on deposits. Well,…

NIMBYism, co-operatives and Germany’s Energy Transition

The number of energy co-operatives in Germany has grown from eight to over 800 in a…

What lessons can the UK learn from Germany’s co-operative banking sector?

Co-operative banks make up about two thirds of all German retail banks, and have a broad…