UKSCS launches call for papers to mark Co-op News’ anniversary

The News turns 150 at a crucial juncture for the press industry, with question marks hanging over its business model and core practices in the 21st century

The UK Society for Co-operative Studies (UKSCS) has called for papers for a publication to mark the 150th birthday of Co-op News.

The special edition of the Journal of Co-operative Studies will focus on the relationship between co-operation and journalism.

Edited by Andrew Bibby, Alex Bird, Mitch Diamantopoulos, Rebecca Harvey, and Siôn Whellans, the edition comes at a time when the business model for traditional journalism is in crisis.

There has also been mounting concern over the effect of social media and overtly partisan media channels on core concepts of journalistic practice.

In the call for papers, the UKSCS asks: “Is there a co-operative way forward for journalism, perhaps by involving readers as well as journalists in media ownership and governance?

“What can we learn from existing co-operatively structured media businesses around the world? Can co-ops pose an alternative to big-tech controlled new media?”

Shorter contributions are welcome, for example from co-operators and practitioners. The journal also welcomes papers for peer-review from academics engaged in the field.

Deadlines for submissions: is 5 July. You may also submit a pre-submission inquiry (an abstract of between 500-800 words) if you want to check its suitability for the special issue before submitting a full paper. Presubmission must be submitted before 31 March.

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