Housing co-ops receive procurement tips from Pinnacle Group

A workshop at the CCH conference showed delegates how to ensure the process is successful

Housing co-ops have to procure a variety of goods and services – and getting the right process for this can play a key role in helping them reduce costs.

Housing co-ops receiving funding from government agency Homes England also need to show they have a procurement process in place to get the best service.

During a workshop session at the Confederation of Co-operative Housing conference in Kenilworth last week, delegates received advice on how to do this.

Nimisha Patel and Guy Sanderson from Pinnacle Group, a service provider for housing associations and local authorities, shared their step-by-step guide for procuring goods and services.

Co-ops operating in the same area could also club together for procurement to get better prises, added Ms Patel.

Pinnacle’s steps are:

  1. Identify the business need and look at the performance of current contractors
  2. Gather information about the tender
  3. Develop contract terms, which could also ask the provider to check and present a report to your board
  4. Source the market and choose a tender list
  5. Launch the tender, including background information and key performance indicators so that contractors know what is expected of them
  6. Analyse and evaluate the tender, selecting a panel to do the evaluation, marking them on quality and price; evaluations should involve a mix of questions, through this process a successful bidder becomes apparent
  7. Chair of the board approves the selection
  8. Appoint contractor and award contract while agreeing a mobilisation period before they start
  9. Review performance on a regular basis
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