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Ana Aguirre is elected president of the ICA Youth Committee

'I look forward to working with all of you in taking aligned and strong action to…

The co-op identity should express how inclusive co-ops are, says Doug O’Brien

We caught up with him at the World Cooperative Congress in Seoul, the Republic of Korea

Governmental authorities in historic meeting to discuss promotion of co-ops

National and local government authorities from 23 countries met with officials from the UN and the…

Living our co-operative identity to make a sustainable future for all

'Co-operatives focus on long-term sustainability rather than profit for shareholders and wealth creation alone'

Ela Bhatt’s Congress keynote looks to a nurturing economy in 100-mile communities

'The co-operative being a collective, by creating an identity of its own, also establishes the individual…

Co-operatives are ‘critical partners’ for building resilient economies says ILO chief

Recent world crises have 'highlighted the role of co-operatives in helping to transform communities for the…

Exploring the co-operative identity through research and legislation

Reports from the ICA Cooperative Research Conference and International Forum on Cooperative Law

Pre Congress events: ICA regional and sectoral bodies meet in Seoul

Our report from pre-Congress events in Seoul

South Korean president addresses World Cooperative Congress in Seoul

Moon Jae-in praised the movement's work on solidarity, sustainable development and empowerment

World’s top 300 co-ops had a joint turnover of 2.18tn in 2019

Top co-op by turnover is French bank Groupe Crédit Agricole; top co-op by turnover over GDP…

Co-op News at 150: How we covered the first World Cooperative Congress

'To have an international conference was a big thing, and people were getting really excited about…

Movement prepares for ICA World Cooperative Congress in December

There's less than two months to go until co-operators from around the world gather in Seoul…