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Sam Nordland on worker co-ops and co-op housing at scale

'We hope that is able to mobilise and educate around worker co-ops in a more…

Solidfund partners with in a bid to grow the movement

'If we want to achieve real impact we need control of the means of production, that’s…

UKSCS conference looks at principle 6 and ways to build a co-op ecosystem

The event included updates on worker co-ops, accounting, building societies and the UKSCS's own journal

End of year Q&A: John Atherton,

A look back on the first year of the UK's new federation for the worker co-op… hosts first Autumn Assembly

'If you don’t like your job, why don’t you liberate yourself from the capitalist system and…

EO tax benefits must be extended to worker co-ops, government urged and Co-operatives UK want employee ownership incentives to include more options for businesses and workers

Looking back on the first year of the UK’s worker co-op body

'We wanted to provide extra opportunities and have a much more decentralised network of individual workers,'…