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Cecop reveals policy manifesto ahead of EU elections

Cecop represents 40.000 co-operatives employing 1.3 million people

Extension and refurb at Unicorn Grocery

'As stewards of a worker co-op, long-term resilience to deliver on our Principles of Purpose is…

Book review: Worker co-operatives in India

The book discusses the limitations of capitalism and the role of alternative economies and co-operatives

Worker co-op training programmes: key lessons from the US and Canada

UK co-operators heard about worker co-ops' training programmes and their approaches to inclusion and diversity

New York worker co-ops launch Covid-19 emergency fund

The fund will be used to help co-ops and colleagues who cannot access government relief

Co-operative apex bodies respond to new EU industrial strategy package

Cecop and Cooperatives Europe welcomed the strategy but suggested further actions to support co-ops and SMEs

Strike under way at Canada’s Co-op Refinery Complex

Workers have been locked out of the site by owner Federated Co-operatives Ltd over the pensions…

$24m in grants given to ‘democratic employee ownership’ in US

Schemes backed by Kendeda include business succession programmes and efforts to help people of colour build…

Worker Co-op weekend 2019: a restorative, sociable, inspiring get-together

'There's a sense that going for a walk and talk is probably as useful as going…

Workers at the heart of people-centred business

Co-op News looks at issues surrounding employment and the co-operative movement

Should workers have a bigger stake in consumer co-ops?

'When you see an organisation where the workforce are engaged, you see a difference'

Catalonia celebrates: Exploring the region’s co-op heritage

Andrew Bibby visits an exhibition on the region’s co-op history in Barcelona