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Good leadership is key to co-ops’ growth

Sng Ler Jun reports from the Singapore Co-operative Forum 2024

Singaporean parliament amends Co-operative Societies Act 

The country's co-ops welcomed the change, which allow them to use their reserves to pay dividends

Singapore’s co-op apex runs another round of emerging leaders training

The previous round of the SNCF scheme took participants through a range of activities over the…

Singapore co-ops discuss the sector’s relevance at national forum

Discussion included digitisation, cybersecurity, competition from conventional business and employee retention

More Singaporean co-ops adopt the Tripartite Standards

Each standard – developed by the government with unions and employers – includes a set of…

Future-proofing co-ops: Sector leaders look at cybercrime and crisis communications

Ler Jun Sng writes from the Annual Co-operative Leaders Conference in Malaysia

Singapore’s co-op credit sector weighs risks and benefits of emerging trends

“Time and again, co-operatives have shown resilience and responded positively to the needs of our members”

FairPrice Group to implement Progressive Wage Model

The measure will benefit 10,000 non-executive staff including full-time and part-time employees, regardless of nationality.

Singapore: Women co-operators honoured at inaugural celebration of the movement

Over 260 co-operators attended the federation’s Co-op Movement Night

Communicating the co-op difference: Key tips from Singapore

'We work on creating content that aligns with common values to better connect with audiences who…

Why education is so important for co-operatives

Co-operatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers and employees so they can…