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Credit Unions are different from banks, NAFCU tells Congress

The feud between credit unions and banks continues in the USA

Nafcu calls for better information sharing to combat financial crime

‘Fraudsters often conduct fraudulent activities at multiple institutions before an institution recognises irregularities’

US credit union movement hits back at attacks on tax exemption

Sector advocates warn that the movement’s opponents in the corporate banking world are switching focus from…

US federal credit unions could be allowed to serve legal cannabis businesses

In light of potential regulatory changes, the National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions has released…

US credit unions respond to Trump’s housing finance reform

Credit unions must have guaranteed access to the secondary mortgage market and that access must be…

US federal credit unions sector outperforms banks

Credit unions continue to expand their lending to small businesses while banks' small business lending is…

US credit unions warn that CDFI grants are crucial for the sector

The scheme helps credit unions in the USA access grants to serve millions of members

US credit unions call for exclusion from new accounting standard

Apex bodies say the sector needs to be treated differently because it has a unique capital…

Co-ops and credit unions respond to Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech

NCBA CLUSA and NAFCU encouraged members to champion legislation and policy that supports co-operatives and credit…

Boosting growth a key priority for US credit unions in 2019

Nafcu says revised regulation may be necessary to address structural changes to growth

Credit unions respond to US mid-term election results

CUNA said a credit union-friendly majority has been elected to Congress