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Can public-interest news be sustainable? Talking Wales has a plan

'At the end of the day, our role, our purpose, is to try and create a…

Broadcasting co-op works to challenge ageism and give older people a voice

We speak to Mervyn Eastman, co-founder of the Later Life Audio and Radio Co-operative

Media Co-op celebrates 20 years of award-winning productions

'All of us had worked in a lot of undemocratic businesses ... that were quite unhappy…

Media co-op Great Central Gazette looks to revive local journalism in Leicester

The co-op model adds transparency over funding and how stories are created, says managing editor Rhys…

New Internationalist magazine marks 50 years with appeal for free school subs

The publication, launched in 1973, is now backed by over 4,000 reader members

Co-op media turns out for the Independent News Forum 2023

Co-op News, Exeter Observer, Manchester Meteor, Leicester's Great Central Gazette and hosts Bristol Cable were among…

Co-ops, generative AI and the creative industries

How co-ops are responding to the challenges and opportunities posed by AI in the creative sector