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MEPs adopt new rules on platform work after campaign by Cecop

Co-ops are in favour of stricter European regulation on digital labour platforms

Agri co-ops apex criticises EU’s extension of Ukraine and Moldova trade measures

Copa and Cogeca warned of the continued impact of imports on its member producers

Co-ops respond to MEP votes on carbon, packaging waste and pesticides

Agricultural co-op apexes Copa and Cogeca and consumer co-op body Euro Coop had different views on…

Co-ops react to Von der Leyen’s State of the Union speech

Copa and Cogeca welcomed Von der Leyen’s speech but Cecop and Cooperatives Europe regretted the omission…

Euro Coop asks von der Leyen not to delay the sustainable food framework

'Scientific evidence clearly backs the urgency of the transformation of our food system towards a more…

Energy co-ops welcome European Parliament vote on electricity market design

But citizens' energy federation REScoop warns that 'risks of corporate capture in energy sharing persist'

European co-ops respond to provisional deal on renewable energy directive

Copa and Cogeca viewed the agreement as “an acceptable compromise” but REScoop criticised it for sticking…

Cecop welcomes EU progress towards the regulation of platform work

The rules, which aim to combat false self-employment, will help efforts to build a level playing…

Rescoop calls for changes to European Commission’s climate package

The apex wants support measures for renewable communities that focus on energy poverty as a priority

REScoop criticises European Parliament for vote on climate change policy proposals

MEPs voted to end sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035 in EU countries, but…

Agri co-ops respond to European Parliament Organic Action Plan report

The co-ops welcomed the report, which calls for a market based approach but fails to mention…

European Parliament resolution highlights power of co-ops to fix the platform economy

The European confederation of industrial and service co-operatives (CECOP) welcomed the resolution