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Desjardins announces major restructure after data breach

Around 4.2 million members have been affected by the data breach

Desjardins updates number of members affected by data breach

The co-op has updated the number of members affected to 4.2 million

Desjardins adheres to Principles for Responsible Banking

Desjardins pledges to align its business strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Agreement

Astronaut Chris Hadfield to launch Desjardins’ Cooperathon 2019

‘I’m very proud of the programme we’ve put together. It relates directly to our values of…

Study argues Desjardins has lost its co-op mission

A Montreal based research institute examines the evolution of Desjardins from the moment it was set…

Desjardins announces identity theft protection for members

The announcement follows an unauthorised use of internal data by an employee in June

Desjardins welcomes new board members

The new board includes 21 members, seven women and 14 men

Desjardins Group reports on contribution to SDGs

The finance co-op has made commitments on climate change and is supporting community projects

Desjardins removes certain single-use plastic products

In three months the group avoided the purchase of 30,000 plastic water bottles

Whatever happened to the International Summit of Cooperatives?

Tony Patterson, from Co-op Canada Accelerator, investigates the fate of the high-profile Quebec event

Desjardins to distribute CA $253m to its members in dividends

The amount represents a six-year record

Desjardins supports Quebec video game co-operative with $750,000

La Guilde co-op brings together 162 independent studios