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Filipino co-ops discuss digital at their first national congress

Digitisation is needed to future-proof co-ops and open up new markets, says the NCBC

Filipino electric co-ops asked to explain apparent ‘lack of transparency’

The regulator says it could refer the matter to “other pertinent agencies for further investigation”

Electric co-ops in the Philippines take action to help struggling peers

47,000 electric meters are being donated to the co-ops in need – an example of principle…

Energy co-ops weigh the costs of the world’s power supply crisis

Suppliers in the sector are struggling with rising costs – but there is also hope that the…

Government backs Filipino co-op to become a digital jobs hub

The programme aims to boost economic growth and financial inclusion, and reduce poverty

Co-operation in times of crisis: The movement steps up when disaster strikes

From the Lancashire Cotton Famine of the 1860s to the typhoons striking the Philippines in 2021,…

Filipino co-ops affected by Typhoon Odette get cash aid from government

'The distribution of financial assistance will further our goal to strengthen the capacities of our people.…

Filipino co-ops step in to support those affected by Typhoon Rai

Around 400 people lost their lives in the tropical cyclone with another 500 injured and 380,000…

Philippines considers secondary co-op to help agri-sector with tech

The Cooperative Development Authority is looking to set the organisation up on Mindanao, the second largest…

How school co-operatives help to teach youth about entrepreneurship

A look at education initiatives in the Basque Country (Spain) and the Philippines

Co-operatives step in to help the Philippines recover from typhoons

Local co-operatives and the International Co-operative Alliance for Asia-Pacific have stepped in to support affected co-ops

Senate passes Co-operative Development Office (CDO) Bill in the Philippines

Every local government unit will now have its own CDO to help grow and develop the…