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Embezzlement crisis in Nepal’s co-ops sparks protests in the streets

Protests have been called off after ministers agreed to take action to improve regulation of the…

Nepalese co-operative apex wins Food and Agricultural Organisation award

The federation was praised for its work on local living standards, sustainable agri-food systems, biodiversity and…

Five Nepalese co-ops accused of embezzling members’ money

The complaints come as the country finds itself in the grip of a liquidity crisis

Nepal’s co-ops ordered to limit dividend pay outs and member withdrawals

An ongoing liquidity crisis in Nepal's banks and financial institutions is hitting co-ops, it has been…

E-commerce platform trialled to help Nepalese farm co-ops with market access

The platform aims to help farmers whose market access has been disrupted by Covid-19 lockdowns

Meet … Om Devi Malla, vice chair of Nepal’s co-op federation

'The lesson we have learnt for fostering an enabling environment for co-ops is to continuously lobby…

Co-operatives intensify efforts to tackle Covid-19 in India and Nepal

Co-operatives in India and across the world are making a difference with a range of initiatives

Meet … Sharmila Thakuri from the Nepal Society of Co-operative Journalists

'We, as journalists, are like a bridge between government, the movement and the people'

Co-ops in India and Nepal should work together, says IFFCO head

The co-op offered to work with Nepal to improve agricultural yields and farmer welfare

Nepalese co-ops urged to invest to boost production

‘To make the country prosperous, co-operatives should invest in a way that boosts production’

Doubt cast on regulation of Nepalese co-op growth programme

'Due to poor monitoring, many co-operatives landed in trouble in the past'

Co-ops leading flood damage rehabilitation programme in Nepal

The four days of heavy rain beginning on 11 August led to the death of 123…