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Covid-19 updates: 27 March

From emergency store recruitment to new safety measures, more updates from the co-op movement

ICA youth network announces plans to support co-op start-ups

The network plans to empower young across the world to set up co-ops.

The International Co-operative Alliance is looking for youth ambassadors

The scheme is open to people aged 18-35 in one of eight participating countries

Palm oil dispute pits Malaysia’s co-ops against the European Union

What happens when a co-operative’s business interests are in conflict with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Preview: Global Conference and General Assembly in Malaysia

As the International Co-operative Alliance prepares to gather in Kuala Lumpur, we look at what to…

Gro Harlem Brundtland to close the Alliance’s Global Conference in Malaysia

The 'Mother of Sustainability’ and former Norwegian prime minister will talk about how to build a…