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Co-ops in Korea and Japan respond to Fukushima wastewater discharge

Earlier this year, the Dure Consumer’s Cooperative issued a statement which reiterated its opposition to the…

New Japanese housing co-op built in Yakushima Island’s ancient cedar forest

Sumu Yaskushima uses regenerative architecture practices to ‘discover new possibilities for interacting with nature’

Living our co-operative identity to make a sustainable future for all

'Co-operatives focus on long-term sustainability rather than profit for shareholders and wealth creation alone'

Russian authorities seize Japanese boat belonging to fishery co-op

The fishery co-operative says the boat was operating in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, a claim disputed…

Co-ops oppose plans to release Fukushima water into the Pacific

JF Zengyoren president said the federation was 'categorically opposed to the ocean release'

Japan adopts Workers Co-operatives Act

The act provides a legal form for worker co-operatives

Japan House of Representatives to discuss new Worker Cooperatives Act

The act provides a legal form for worker co-operatives

Covid-19: Updates from 31 March

The latest responses from around the world

Bridging divides in health: community-based health promotion in Japan

Co-operatives have been pioneering voluntary preventive health practice since the 1960s

Co-ops step in to help Japan recover after typhoons Hagibis and Faxai

Consumer, financial, insurance and forestry co-ops have all responded to the disasters

The state of retail: Japanese consumer-run co-op takes the sustainable route

'We have been creating the materials we need for our daily life through collaboration ... and…

Farm co-op uses solar powered ‘Super Monster Wolf’ to protect crops

The animatronic beast lets out terrifying howls to scare wild boar away from rice and chestnut…