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NCBA Clusa highlights global projects for International Youth Day

The US apex body gave updates on development projects in Senegal, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Niger

Korean federation helps to grow the credit union movement in Uganda

The South Korean credit union movement is helping to set up credit co-ops in Uganda

The International Co-operative Alliance is looking for youth ambassadors

The scheme is open to people aged 18-35 in one of eight participating countries

Ugandan Parliament asks government for funding to revive co-operatives

Legislators also backed calls to revive the country’s co-operative bank

World Environment Day: How co-ops are connecting us with the planet

We take a look at ten of the co-ops that connect people to nature, from tourism…

SAMA becomes first Fairtrade-certified gold co-operative in Africa

Syanyonja Artisan Miners’ Alliance (SAMA) in Uganda has become the first artisanal small scale mining co-operative…

How co-operatives work for women in Africa

In Africa, as elsewhere, inequalities persist between women and men in terms of access to and…