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Cross-border traders finding strength in co-operatives

The co-op model offers protection and chance to pool resources for women trading between Rwanda and…

Study finds unconventional forms of resilience in African co-ops’ Covid response

Of the co-ops studied, those which saw their business performance decline were those which offered the…

Impact Conference looks at co-ops as engines of local development

The event, organised by US apex NCBA CLUSA, looked at projects in Africa and heard updates…

Rwandan government introduces new law on co-ops

The law is aimed at stamping out corruption and improving financial performance for members, say officials

Final conclusions from the International Conference

Reema Nanavaty and Dr Patrick Develtere call on governments to support the coop alternative

Coop movement sets out plans at the General Assembly

Delegates adopt resolutions on positive peace, accounting standards and a strategic plan for a second cooperative…

Friday at the ICA Conference: Positive peace and the fight against inequality

A round-up of the final day of the ICA’s International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda

ICA to develop accounting standards for cooperatives

'We need a financial language that allows us to express our performance as cooperatives'

Global cooperative movement pledges to promote positive peace

ICA General Assembly adopts peace pledge

Cooperative contributions to Positive Peace

'Cooperatives are particularly prominent in peace building and post conflict transition, fostering community development'

World Values Day – an opportunity for co-ops to join the debate

17 October is an opportunity for co-ops to shout about their values

The importance of co-operatives in value chains

Co-ops have an important role to play throughout value chains, not just at the production point