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Illegal miners in Nigeria told to join co-ops

Those mining illegally in Nigeria have 30 days to join a co-op or face prosecution

Lagos conference to explore social protection for informal economy workers

The role of co-operatives will be central to discussions about the social and solidarity economy, in…

Arla Foods pledges to continue support for Nigerian dairy sector

The dairy co-op has signed an MOU with the Nigerian government, with pledges including the promotion…

Lagos to host Nigeria’s third National Cooperative Awards and Symposium

Panelists will look at issues such as blockchain, investment opportunities for co-ops, branding and alternative sources…

New training programme for youth in Nigeria

'This is us as a co-operative giving back to the society'

Co-ops in Nigeria will benefit from job and wealth creation scheme

The programme aims to improve the livelihoods of women and young people working in rural and…

Nigerian farmers’ co-ops receive food security government grants

Four farmers’ co-operative societies in the Nigerian state of Lagos have received grants totalling 8m Nigerian…