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UKSCS conference looks at principle 6 and ways to build a co-op ecosystem

The event included updates on worker co-ops, accounting, building societies and the UKSCS's own journal

Canadian Co-op Congress looks at inclusivity in co-ops

The congress looked at a range of topics, including diversity, equity, and inclusion

Central Co-op’s Malawi Partnership continues to thrive

A year into the partnership we look at what has been achieved so far

Study finds unconventional forms of resilience in African co-ops’ Covid response

Of the co-ops studied, those which saw their business performance decline were those which offered the…

Next steps for Central Co-op’s Malawi Partnership

Central Co-op developed a programme of support for co-ops in Malawi to transform their trading capacity

Co-operative College presents its Malawi work at Holyrood

The event was organised by the Scottish Parliament's Malawi Cross Party Group

Carbon offsetting co-op offers climate action to help the world’s poorest communities

'Co-operative Climate Action has been launched for people who want to offset their carbon emissions by…

UK co-ops launch international trading development fund

The fund, led by Central England Co-op with the Co-op College, was launched on 2 July,…

Nestlé ceases sourcing Fairtrade cocoa and sugar for KitKats

Co-operatives in Côte d’Ivoire, Fiji and Malawi will lose their Fairtrade premiums

Malawi: How co-ops are implementing the SDGs through education

Dr Amanda Benson from the Co-operative College looks at projects to improve lifelong learning in Malawi

Malawi co-ops prosper thanks to access to finance

‘This project has really assisted us to have more markets. We can now grow more quality…

Rochdale to Rwanda: Co-operation beyond borders

A look at the work of the Co-operative College as it helps transform communities at home…