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Cocoa co-ops in Ghana join forces

83 cocoa co-op unions are coming together to form the new association

Fairtrade and retail: How farmers benefit from your purchases

As producers struggle with input cost inflation and climate change, Fairtrade is more vital than ever

Fairtrade premium earnings went up in 2021 as sales recover from pandemic

The annual report from Fairtrade International highlights the way farmers and co-ops have improved incomes through…

Fairtrade partnership deploys satellite monitoring tool to combat deforestation

The project will strengthen co-operatives’ access to risk management data, enabling them to maintain access to…

Study finds Fairtrade enhances farmer resilience and sustainability

The research assessed Fairtrade’s contribution in terms of economic resilience, social wellbeing and good governance

Q&As for 2022: Deborah Osei-Mensah, Fairtrade youth ambassador

Ms Osei-Mensah is also registered cocoa farmer, livelihood development officer of Ghana’s Asunafo North Farmers Union,…

Fairtrade Cocoa Programme increased co-op farmers’ resilience, figures show

The programme works to strengthen producer organisations by providing training, coaching and advice

Fairtrade Foundation welcomes UK trade deal with Ghana

Without a trade agreement in place Ghanaian producers, including co-operatives, faced import duties

Ghanaian co-ops face tariffs until post-Brexit trade deal with UK is agreed

If tariffs continue to apply farmers and workers will lose market access, says the Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade and the invisible women of the cocoa industry

'The average female cocoa farmer earns 23p a day. How is there not as much outrage…

New majority shareholder of Divine Chocolate

Ghanaian cooperative Kuapa Kokoo maintains a 20% share in the company

Cocoa co-operative launches in Ghana 

The government also announced measures to support cocoa growers and is encouraging them to form into…