Co-op News is a news website and monthly magazine about co-operatives around the world.

Co-ops are organisations that are owned by their members. There are 3 million co-ops around the world with 1.2 billion members.
In the UK alone, over 7,100 co-ops contribute £37.7bn to the economy.

Co-ops are part of a global movement as well as a type of business. Co-op News is based in the UK, but its mission statement is to connect, champion and challenge the global co-operative movement, through fair and objective journalism and open and honest comment and debate.

Established in 1871, Co-op News is published by Co-operative Press Ltd, an independent registered co-operative society. It is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a bona fide co-operative, registration IP 1585R.

Membership of Co-operative Press is open to individual readers as well as to other co-operatives, corporate bodies and unincorporated organisations.

Our board is comprised of eight directors, who are representative of corporate members and one seat for individual members. Our directors are:

Barbara Rainford (chair)
Elaine Dean (vice-chair)
Harry Cairney
Sofygil Crew
Tim Hartley
Gillian Lonergan
Beverley Perkins
Shaz Rahman
Lesley Reznicek

The secretary is Richard Bickle: [email protected].

To find out more about Co-operative Press, view our society rules.
You can find some links to other useful organisations here.

We have produced a helpful introductory guide to co-operatives and a a welcome guide for new co-op members, workers and employees