Southern Co-op donation boosts funding for suicide bereavement charity

Every year Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide helps more than 7,000 people

A charity helping people affected by suicide received a donation of £7,000 from Havant’s crematorium, the Oaks, which is part of the Southern Co-operative.

Sue Fisher, facilitator for Portsmouth’s Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, says it is important people have a place to grieve. Her son Kevin died nine year ago at the age of 27.

She said: “The donation will go such a long way as we help anybody who is affected by loss through suicide. It is a very individual way of grieving.

“Suicide is something our loved ones have chosen to do. There are questions we will never get answers to. If my son was standing in front of me today, he couldn’t tell me why.

“It’s not always about ending their life. It’s about stopping what is happening in their head.”

She added: “The idea of the group is that it’s a safe place where you can say what you need to say without stigma. I will never be ‘over’ losing my son. As survivors, we put that mask on but, when we get to the group, we take that mask off.”

The money was raised through a nationwide recycling scheme run by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. As part of this scheme, metals which remain after cremation – such as items used in the construction of the coffin or orthopaedic implants – are recycled with the consent of bereaved families.

Proceeds from this scheme are then returned to the crematorium, which donates the money to local charities.

Ian Rudkin, crematorium and natural burial ground manager for the Oaks, said: “The recycling of metals is done with the written consent of each bereaved family so it is from their generosity that we are able to make a difference to local causes.

“Having a special place for people to learn how to live with the loss of their loved ones is incredibly special. The Portsmouth group has been going for 15 years and we hope that this donation will enable the charity to continue for many years to come.”

Every year Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide helps over 7,000 people.


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