Momentous signing for Doncaster Rovers supporters co-op

The club has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Viking Supporters Co-operative

Doncaster Rovers Football Club and the Viking Supporters Co-operative (VSC) a co-op representing the club’s fans have signed a memorandum of understanding that will give supporters a say in decision making at the club.

Rovers say the agreement is among the first in Europe between a football club and supporters trust. It means the club and the VSC will meet throughout the year, and consultation will take place before any decisions are made on significant matters such as a ground move or change of ownership.

Doncaster Rovers chief executive Gavin Baldwin and VSC secretary Martin O’Hara signed the document.

Mr Baldwin said: “We’re pleased to have signed the memorandum of agreement with the Viking Supporters Co-operative. We already believe that we have an outstanding relationship with all our supporter groups, and this document underlines our commitment and approach to work together for the benefit of Doncaster Rovers.”

Mr O’Hara added: “This is a significant document as it underlines in writing the club’s commitment to structured dialogue, and to the club’s fan engagement programme, ‘In Rovers We Trust’.

“It also ensures that the club consults regularly about activities that can have a significant impact on supporters, such as badge changes and commercial activities.

“It’s rare for a club to take such a formal commitment to engaging with supporters and a true testament to how Rovers operates.”

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