Pitch your idea

We want your proposals for how to increase participation and strengthen the co-operative identity. The strongest ideas will be debated at Co-operation How, this year's Congress. Pitch your...

Pitch your idea

At Co-operation How, this year’s Congress, we want to highlight and debate concrete proposals in two areas:

#1 Proposals for taking participation in co-operatives to another level. What changes are needed? Do we need new mechanisms, new ideas, new channels for engaging with people? What can we learn from other organisations and sectors?

#2 Proposals for how we promote the co-operative message and secure our identity. What strategies are needed to strengthen and protect the reputation of co-operatives?

Please pitch your ideas. They will be debated here and the strongest proposals will form the focus of debate a Congress.

Your pitch

Your pitch should be a specific proposal for transforming participation or securing co-operative identity. It should be no more than 300 words and should cover:

  • Whether your proposal addresses increasing participation or securing co-operative identity.
  • What specific challenge the movement is facing that you are seeking to overcome.
  •  How your idea will overcome this challenge.
  • What is needed from co-operatives in the movement to make this a reality.
  • What would be the first step in making your idea a reality.

Email your pitch to [email protected]

For  inspiration you can read Ed Mayo’s views on the need to embrace new forms of engagement and how membership can inform co-operative identity.