Co-operative Press will be convening a virtual Annual General Meeting in 2022.

The AGM will be held at 6-7.30pm on Monday 25 July 

In accordance with Rule 20 of the Co-operative Press Rules, any member may submit a proposal to the Annual Meeting of members in writing to the Secretary.

The timetable is as follows 

5pm, Monday 13 June 2022: Closing Date for Receipt of Proposals

Monday 27 June 2022: Agenda and Proposals sent out to members

5pm, Monday, 11 July 2022: Closing date for receipt of amendments to Proposals. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2022: Notice of the final Agenda and the Annual Accounts sent out to members
and made available online.

With regard to amendments to any proposals (as stated in Rule 21), any member may send to
the directors any amendment to any proposal appearing on the agenda or any amendment to any matter forming part of the business of the meeting, and provided such amendment be received by the secretary prior to the Annual Meeting, it shall be circulated to members as soon as is practicable as an additional business paper for consideration at the meeting. 

Please note that by submitting a proposal, members are committing themselves to attend the Annual Meeting if their proposal is accepted onto the Agenda.

For further enquiries, please contact Richard Bickle, society secretary, at [email protected] or by post to The Secretary, Co-operative Press Ltd, Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester, M60 0AS.