Participation pitch: Creating a self-financing fund for the movement

Worker co-operative weekend participants There are roughly 500 worker co­-ops in the UK. This is not enough! Worker co-ops - and the movement more broadly - face a...

Worker co-operative weekend participants

There are roughly 500 worker co­-ops in the UK. This is not enough! Worker co-ops – and the movement more broadly – face a dual challenge.

  • Having the required resources to support individual co-ops and the sector to grow
  • Co-ordinating activity between co-ops and getting enough to participate

Putting it simply, co-operatives find it difficult to co-operate with each other to meet their needs.

Our proposal is to create a self-financing fund to support worker co-ops. This development fund would be financed by each participating worker co-op contributing £1 per week for each worker member it has. This money, as it builds up will be allocated periodically to initiatives democratically decided by the members for their collective benefit. This has the potential to be a large sum of money if enough worker co-ops commit to the fund and any new worker co-ops supported join it.

To make this proposal a reality we need to create a new co-operative or work with an existing organisation to hold and distribute the money. We also need enough worker co-operatives to pledge support.

The first step would be get ten founder members to pledge their support for the fund.
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