ICMIF Microinsurance Simulation: Four successful training events in Africa and Asia

In the space of five weeks, ICMIF has run a total of four microinsurance workshops in four different countries, on two very different continents. The four microinsurance workshops...

In the space of five weeks, ICMIF has run a total of four microinsurance workshops in four different countries, on two very different continents. The four microinsurance workshops have had a total of 73 participants from 48 different organizations and 26 countries. During the training events the participants used the ICMIF microinsurance simulation which has developed by ICMIF and which taps into decades of experience from ICMIF member organizations who are already providing microinsurance. The microinsurance simulation enables participants to “learn microinsurance by doing” and the training gives people the knowledge and confidence to face the challenges they will experience when running real life microinsurance schemes.

On October 21-22, 2013, the first training course took place in New Delhi, India, supported by IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company Ltd and facilitated by Mike Ashurst, VP Training and Reinsurance, ICMIF, and Kumar Shailabh, Executive Director at Uplift Mutuals, India. Kumar said, “The workshop was really good and participants particularly liked the new format as the room was divided into demand and supply side. This new format, which was interactive and dynamic, pushed participants to be strongly involved into each decision they were taking.”

Our second microinsurance training event took place in Cape Town, South Africa on 4-5 November and took place immediately before the ICMIF Biennial Conference. The event was facilitated by Denis Garand, CEO of Denis Garand and Associates, Mike Ashurst and Zani Muller, Researcher at CENFRI, South Africa. Aliciah Motsoane of the National Funeral Directors of Lesotho Association shared her opinion about the training: “I found the workshop fantastic and the learnings I got will be very helpful for my organization in Lesotho and the other organizations I am representing”.

This was immediately followed by a Microinsurance Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Simulation Workshop on 6-8 November, 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia.  This event was organized by the ICMIF Microinsurance team together with other members of the Microinsurance Network, ADA, BRS & GIZ.  This was the first time this specific workshop had been run and the ICMIF microinsurance simulation tool was again used by participants to monitor and improve their results and help understand how the microinsurance key performance indicators should be used. Robert Kuloba of the Insurance Regulatory Authority (Kenya) provided his feedback on the training:  “I have participated in several workshops over the last few years but I have found this particular workshop very interesting as it helps to build a case for us to understand where we are in terms of taking care of the [microinsurance] target groups”.

The final ICMIF Microinsurance Workshop of 2013 was organized with the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII), and took place on November 18-19, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. Noralia Binti M. Fadzilah of Takaful Ikhlas (Malaysia) was one of those taking part. “Since I work in the Takaful industry, I have learnt a lot about the operations but thanks to the workshop, I have received a lot of knowledge and information on microinsurance and I will share them with my management team to see if they can be implemented,” she said.

For more information on the training event, please contact Marine Guais (Assistant Manager, Development at ICMIF) at [email protected]


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