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To coincide with Blog Action Day today, Co-operative News has put together a list of some of the best blogs on co-operatives.

To coincide with Blog Action Day today, Co-operative News has put together a list of some of the best blogs on co-operatives.

This is just a start — and these are just English language blogs too. There are many more out there, for sure, so if we’ve missed any please add them in to the comment section at the bottom.

Interestingly, although there are thousands of co-operative activists around the world, there doesn’t seem to be thousands — or even hundreds — of co-operative blogs. Maybe they are out there running co-operatives instead?

Anyway, here they are, in no particular order:

Dame Pauline Green. The official blog of the President of the International Co-operative Alliance, as she literally travels the world meeting co-operative entrepreneurs and activists and seeing the impact they have.

Andrew Bibby. The well-known co-operative writer and pundit’s new blog, providing short pieces of analysis of what’s going on in the co-operative sector. Easy, informative reading.

Bob Cannell. An occasional blog from the worker co-operative activist and co-operative development worker, looking at issues related to worker ownership and the wider questions around co-operation and capitalism.

Dave Boyle.  Musings on co-operation, business and football from former Supporters Direct CEO turned co-operative development specialist.

Ed Mayo. The reflections of the Secretary General of Co-operatives UK on the power of co-operation. Ed provides updates on the interesting co-operatives he’s met and views on big issues, like Co-operative Councils and the Co-operative Bank.

Sara Horowitz’s dispatches. The blog on co-operation, new mutualism and the sharing economy from the excellent Sarah Horowitz, founder of the Freelancer’s Union in the US, who is brimming with great ideas.

P2P Foundation. An eclectic blog from Michael Bauwens who runs the P2P Foundation, blogging on co-operation, new economics, open source software, capitalism and much more besides.


John McNamara. Insightful and interesting ideas from former taxi co-operative director, now researcher, writer and co-operative business development expert on his US based blog, Workers’ Paradise.

Ian Snaith. A blog with considered and detailed analysis of big issues in policy and legislation from one of the UK’s experts on co-operative legal issues.

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