Member news: Ken Ng appointed NTUC Income chief executive

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The board of directors at ICMIF member NTUC Income, Singapore, has appointed Ken Ng as chief executive of NTUC Income, effective 1 October 2013.  Ken Ng will take over from Tan Suee Chieh who will leave NTUC Income to assume the role of group chief executive officer of NTUC Enterprise.

Ken Ng, 44, is currently the Singapore insurer’s senior vice president and general manager of Distribution, a position he has held since June 2012.  Prior to that, he was general manager of Life Insurance while leading strategy development.  He joined NTUC Income in 2007 as its senior vice president, chief actuary and chief risk officer.

Ng Kee Choe, chairman, NTUC Income said, “The Board was unanimous in its selection of Ken after conducting an extensive search both internally and externally.  Ken is a highly respected member of the management team, recognised by colleagues and industry peers alike for his deep strategic thinking and problem solving abilities.  Ken understands the organisation’s core values and has played an integral role in shaping NTUC Income’s transformation.”

Ken Ng said, “I am greatly privileged to have been appointed to lead NTUC Income.  Today, NTUC Income is in the right space.  We operate as a modern, professional organisation while striving to serve out our social purpose to make insurance accessible and affordable to all.  We have an exciting future ahead as we keep pace with the needs and aspirations of our customers.  Together, as a team, we will embrace new challenges and opportunities as we continue our journey towards excellence, for the benefit of our customers, employees and other stakeholders.”

Read the full press release from NTUC Income here. 

Read Tan Suee Chieh’s announcement about Ken Ng here.

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