The Co-operative Group wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The Co-operative Group won Queen’s Award - category sustainability - for its innovative approach to business.


The Co-operative Group won Queen’s Award for Enterprise, for its innovative and sustainable approach to business.

Peter Marks, the CEO of the Group, received the Award from Robert E. Hough, who congratulated The Group for this major achievement on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Referring to the award, Peter Marks said: “This is not to an individual, not to the management, but the whole work force. It reflects vision, communication and enthusiasm”. The Group’s CEO said the best word that can be used to describe this achievement is "teamwork".

Peter Marks further added this Award is an incentive to make even greater progress. The Group has previously won this Award in 2007, when Mr Marks had just started his work as a CEO of the Group. “It makes me very proud that we have won it again. It recognises the Group’s vision and enthusiasm. When it comes to sustainability, we really do lead the field in this country.”

Mr Marks said The Group is also the most ethical retailer in banking sector.

He said The Group’s members have also pushed for tackling climate change, investing in young people and placing a stronger emphasis on animal rights. The Group also aims to reduce greenhouse gas by 30%. It has spent £1 billion founding new schools to teach renewable energy.

“We do these things because of who we are and what we are. It is not a short term marketing strategy,” said Peter Marks, concluding his speech by saying the Award is an endorsement of the Group’s co-operative approach, at the heart of the community.

Peter Marks received the award on Wednesday, 31 October at the International Dinner and Awards, the social highlight of Co-operatives United.

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