Monique Leroux: ‘Clearly this is our time, this will be our decade’

Monique Leroux was another keynote speaker at Co-operatives United’s Opening Ceremony. As the CEO of Desjardins, she has had an extensive role in hosting the International Summit of...

Monique Leroux was another keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of Co-operatives United. As the CEO of Desjardins, she has been involved in hosting the International Summit of Co-operatives in Quebec.

“I can still feel the positive energy of the Summit,” she said, emphasising the Summit has managed to shaken up the traditional economy. Mrs Leroux also said the 2012 has been an amazing International Year, that is not over yet.

She shared with the delegates the main results of the Summit and key elements of the declaration.

Ms Leroux said the Summit primarily aimed to provide an economic forum where co-operators from all over the world could work together to develop ideas and solutions, make new contacts and promote growth, performance and innovation. She also said the Summit has succeeded in promoting the co-operative business model on the global political and economic stage.

Monique Leroux also added that because of their proven resilience to crises, co-ops are a key part to the solutions to the global recession. Referring to the Summit, she said it helped co-operators understand where they are today and where they need to go in the future.

“All participants acknowledged the contribution co-ops make to the economy,” she said, adding that co-ops “get people involved” and “promote job creation.” She said co-ops try to be profitable, not as an end in itself and this gives them an ethical dimension. “We meet the needs of our members and use a model that is successful at local, national and global level.

Monique Leroux also stressed out “co-ops are people-focused businesses” that contribute to a more stable economy. The CEO of Desjardins further added co-ops must keep their members satisfied, whilst responding to urgent needs, becoming more agile in meeting current and future needs.

“I fully support ICA’s vision to transform the IYC into a Blueprint for the Co-op decade. “We need to keep the moment on rolling and inspiring and influencing others. Clearly this is our time this will be our decade and our century,” were the concluding remarks of Monique Leroux.

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