October Meetup: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Co-operators and digital enthusiasts will be asked to put their money where their mouth is in a special event on Tuesday, 30 October in Manchester.

Co-operators and digital enthusiasts will be asked to put their money where their mouth is in a special event on Tuesday 30 October in Manchester.

The October meet-up by Manchester Net Squared, an organisation that comes together to share ideas around the digital sector, will have speakers from the Move Your Money UK campaign and Manchester Credit Union in celebration of Co-operatives United.

The Move Your Money UK is a campaign trying to get people to move their money to more ethical banking organisations such as co-operatives and credit unions.

Gavin Thomson, from Move Your Money UK, will be speaking at the event.  He explained he would be focusing on: “how digital tools have helped us get the word out about alternatives to our criminal big banks.”

He added that social media made a big difference to their campaign: “We get really quick information, which has been crucial during some of the fast moving banking stories of the last year.

“We use Twitter – for example – to get information, just as much as we use it to raise awareness or build relationships. This quick information means we have often been one of the first voices to speak up about a particular story, so more people hear about us.”

Manchester Credit Union (MCU) will also be at the event. Steve Valentine, the Business Development Manager for MCU, said: “Our best form of marketing has always been through word of mouth, and social media has the potential to take this to a much greater level. As an organisation, we are just beginning to make use of social media and are keen to learn from more experienced partners, who can help us to make the most of the opportunities that social media provides.”

Move Your Money UK will also be attending Co-operatives United later in the week. Gavin said: “I think, at a time when our political and business leaders seem completely devoid of any ideas beyond 'the rich should always get richer', Co-operatives United will help restore my sanity, and hopefully give me loads of ideas to take back to my home, workplace, local area, and to the Move Your Money UK campaign.”

If you wish to take part in the event, click on the link here.

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